About Greater Grace

Here at Greater Grace Coffee House we are all about celebrating the ways in which coffee can be beneficial to our lives. The little perks it gives, the health benefits, coffee culture, opening up doors to communicating more, the little bits of peace a coffee break affords us and gets us away from the daily grind are all things that we don’t often think about. That’s why Greater Grace Coffee House will be bringing together advice, reviews and tips from a ton of different sources to help us not only take note of the benefits coffee can have on our lives but also give some great advice on how to make the most from our favourite coffee moments. So why so we love coffee so much and what kind of ‘benefits’ will we be looking at?

Health Benefits – There’s evidence to suggest that coffee can have all sorts of health benefits and there aren’t all just little things either, there are some real biggies in there. Things like; reducing the chances of cirrhosis of the liver (things like drinking alcohol cause this and often lead to liver failure, so this could counteract the effects of that night time glass wine!), Lowering the risk of Type 2 Diabetes and Alzheimer’s disease as well as protecting against life changing diseases like Parkinson’s.

Benefits for the Mind – A health benefit of a kind, coffee is also said to have an impact on reducing the effect of depression and risk of suicide. But in addition to this there are also links to suggest that drinking coffee helps our mind in many other different circumstances too. So for people who travel abroad frequently can find the effects are reduced due to coffee intake, the same can be said for night workers or those with unusual shift patterns and so forth.

In addition to this a coffee culture has allowed for there to be a meeting place other than ‘down the pub’ for the average Brit and in turn means a reduction in alcohol intake (which has far more health risks than benefits). Mentally having quiet, relaxed, sociable meeting places where communities can also come together to meet like-minded people or take part in events is hugely beneficial to our life style. We are only scratching the surface here and so we really hope you’ll keep coming back to Greater Grace Coffee House to find out more about why and how coffee can play a big part in your life.